Becoming the 2nd Country After the United States, Indonesia Purchases F-15EX Combat Aircraft

WorldTekhno.comndonesia, one of the Southeast Asian countries, decided to purchase 24 fighter jets manufactured by Boeing F-15EX. Indonesia’s decision to purchase the aircraft became the center of world discussion, because Indonesia is the second country after the United States (US) to have the F-15EX aircraft. The purchase plan itself is contained in a memorandum of understanding (MoU/Memorandum of Understanding) signed directly by Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto at The Boeing Company, St. Louis, Missouri-USA.

As for the price of the F-15EX fighter jet, according to a Turdef report, in 2021 the price of the aircraft to be purchased by Indonesia is around $80 million, while the operation itself requires costs of $. 29 thousand/hour.

Based on the news website Breaking Defense, a U.S. Department of Defense report stated that the price of the F-15EX aircraft reached $89.8 million/unit. This cost was slightly higher than Turdef’s estimate.

The cost includes a $73.2 million non-stealthy airframe, two engines totaling $11.31 million, additional mission equipment worth $1.2 million, and software engineering worth $1.1 million.

With several advantages that make the F-15EX one of the most sophisticated and versatile fighter aircraft in the world today.
Such as its ability to carry payloads of up to 29,500 pounds. This capability makes it capable of carrying more weapons than previous generations of fighter aircraft.

High-performance engine capabilities, which are equipped with modern engines to provide greater speed and agility capabilities. This aircraft also features an advanced radar and avionics system that enables the F-15EX to detect and track targets with high precision.

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In addition, the strong airframe structure, in which the F-15EX is designed, has a service life of up to 20,000 flight hours. This aircraft is also easy to maintain, so it can minimize operational and maintenance costs and extend the period between maintenance.

Not only that, with the weapons integration system, which makes the F-15EX even more battle-hardened. This aircraft can be equipped with various types of weapons, from air-to-air missiles, bombs and other special weapons.

The F-15EX also has multi-mission capability that can be operated in a variety of missions. From air superiority, ground attacks to maritime operations, and the F-15EX also has connectivity with other systems. The aircraft is designed to communicate and operate well within a wider combat network, allowing it to collaborate with other systems such as satellites, UAVs and other aircraft.

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