The Reason Yamaha Still Uses V4 Engines in Moto GP

WorldTekhno.comInterestingly, Yamaha has not used a V4 engine on their mass production motorbikes until now (March 2024). The V4 engine is more widely used by Yamaha’s competitors in MotoGP such as Honda, Ducati, Aprilia and KTM.

However, there are rumors regarding Yamaha possibly switching to a V4 engine in the future. There is speculation that Yamaha is working with the Marmotors company to develop a new V4 engine. However, Yamaha has not confirmed the plan.

Let’s briefly discuss the V4 engine on motorbikes:

Configuration – The V4 engine has 4 engine cylinders, but (not like) an inline 4 engine where the cylinders are in a row, the V4 engine has two banks of cylinders that form a V angle.


Power – V4 engines are known to produce more power, especially at high engine speeds.

Handling – The more compact V4 configuration can make the motorbike handle more agile, especially when cornering.


Complexity – V4 engines have more components than inline 4 engines, so maintenance can be more complicated and cost more.

Production – Production of a V4 engine is also more expensive than an inline 4 engine.

The inline 4 engine that Yamaha has been using on their motorbikes, such as the YZF-R series, also has its own advantages such as a simpler design and easy maintenance. So, choosing a V4 or inline 4 engine depends on considering the performance and characteristics of the motorbike you want to produce.***

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