N219 Aircraft Ready To Compete With All The Advantages Produced By PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

WorldTekhno.comThrough PT.  Dirgantara (PT.DI), Indonesia created the pioneering aircraft N219.  This aircraft has several advantages, in addition to low operational and maintenance costs, it is also capable of taking off and landing without requiring a long runway, only about 465 meters.

The N219 uses a turboprop engine made in the United States, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42, each with a power of 850 shp/630 kW, with this engine the N219 has a speed of 59 to 210 knots, and is capable of flying up to 1,556 km. This aircraft can accommodate 19  passengers. Although still in the certification stage, with a price of between US$ 6-8 million, the N219 aircraft made its maiden flight on August 16, 2017.

With a long cruising range, PT.DI will also develop the Maritime Patrol version of the N219, which is planned to use self-developed technology, so it will no longer depend on other countries.  For the Maritime Patrol version, it is planned as a defense system for the Navy (AL), and the Army (AD).***

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