Expensive Costs Only For One Land Jet Formula 1 Car

WorldTekhno.comDo you know how much money you have to spend for a Formula 1 car?   Talking about Formula 1 car racing is the same as talking about Jett land, how can I not, with its speed it only takes 2 seconds to reach 100 km / h, cool right?

F1 cars are assembled from several parts into a whole car, at a cost that is certainly not small, so this Formula 1 car racing event is categorized as the most luxurious race in the world.

F1 cars are equipped with a 1,600 cc turbocharged V6 engine capable of producing speeds of up to 344 km/h or the equivalent of 1000 horsepower, so it’s no wonder that just assembling the engine parts can cost US$ 10 million.

For the manufacture of a monocoque or chassis made of carbon fiber which is very strong and lightweight, it can reach US $ 650,000.  For the weight of the F1 car itself, the maximum limit allowed for the driver is 733 kg.

With the ability to withstand 3,500 gearshifts, this F1 car is powered by a gearbox with an estimated production cost of US$ 450,000.
For the front wing alone which may be considered trivial and which often withstands collisions during the race, the value is US $ 300,000.

By driving at high speed, of course, the car engine will heat up, for that an engine cooler is needed which can certainly keep the engine temperature stable, so an F1 car is equipped with a Cooling System, the price is estimated at around US$250,000.

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Hydraulic is a tool to withstand the vibration of car tires when cornering, for this tool the estimated cost is approximately US$ 220,000.
And to drive the car itself is estimated at US $ 120,000.In addition, there are several components that cannot be detailed in their entirety, but the costs incurred are quite large, which is around US$ 15.5 million.

From the details above, we can conclude that the total cost to assemble a Formula 1 car is estimated at US$ 17.35 million For one Formula 1 car, not including the overall operational and other costs in each race which is estimated to cost US$ 320 million to  one team.***

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