Rows of Sophisticated Warships From Several Countries In The World

A country certainly crave a strong defense to guard it. This task is of course held by the military as the front line to become a fortress. As a defense, the number of soldiers alone is not enough to guarantee a strong defense, of course, support for example in terms of combat equipment, both in terms of military equipment for the army, air force and air force.
To meet the military needs of the army, in addition to weapons as a means of combat, which requires combat vehicles such as armored vehicles or tanks, also for the air force, and the navy requires fighter aircraft and warships.
Here are some countries that have succeeded in equipping their navy, as a support in maintaining their sovereignty by creating the largest warships in the world, quoted from

1.FORD – America
The United States aircraft carrier has a weight of more than 70,000 tons with advanced technology. This ship has a deck as a runway capable of serving 160 sorties a day, and can be increased to 270 sorties, using nuclear as a power source, Ford can increase the speed to 55 km / h (40 knots). This aircraft carrier is also capable of accommodating 27 fighter aircraft, as well as 600 people.
2.Kuznetsov – Russia
This Russian-made aircraft carrier has a length of up to 305 meters, and a width of 72 meters. This Russian-owned vessel was originally used by the Soviet naval military in 1990. The Kuznetsov has a speed of up to 29 knots generated by a turbo pressure boiler, steam turbine and diesel generator. This ship is also capable of accommodating 50 aircraft, 24 helicopters, and 1,600 people, most importantly this ship is equipped with both defensive and offensive capabilities.
3.Nimitz – United States
Nimitz is a military aircraft carrier belonging to the United States Navy, which entered service in 1975, this ship is 332 meters long by 76 meters wide, capable of going up to 30 knots. . The power it produces is the source of the two Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors. .
The Nimitz carrier is capable of accommodating up to 90 aircraft, and is also equipped with 16 missile launchers, and kevlar ship liners to protect the ship’s vital parts.
4.Wasp – United States
The United States is the number one country that has the largest and largest warships in the world. For the years 1989 to 2009 alone, the United States already has as many as 8 warships to complement its naval military. The ship with a length of 257 and a width of 31.8 meters has a speed of 22 knots generated from steam turbines and electric power turbines. Russia is not playing games to always compete with America in developing technology. In addition to successfully creating the Kuznetnov aircraft carrier, Russia has also succeeded in creating the Kirov aircraft carrier.
The Wasp is designed to accommodate aircraft, armored vehicles, tanks and offensive weapons, along with one marine. Special, this ship is also equipped with a hospital with 600 room facilities.
5.Kirov – Russia The Kirov ship is equipped with anti-ship missiles, supersonic anti-ship missiles, anti-air missiles, and torpedoes. As a source of power, the Kirov uses a powerful engine capable of producing 140,000 horsepower, as well as a turbine fueled by oil, so that the Kirov ship can go at speeds of up to 32 knots. The Kirov is 252 meters long, 28.5 meters wide, so it can carry three helicopters with a crew of 710. To protect the reactor as a power source, the Kirov ship is covered with 76 mm armor.

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6.Izumo – Japan
This Japanese warship is driven by four gas turbines capable of producing power equivalent to 112,000 horsepower, so it can go at a speed of 30 knots. Izumo has five runways to offer helicopters, and can accommodate 28 aircraft and a cargo bay that can accommodate 50 vehicles. The ship with a length of 248 meters and a width of 38 meters has a price of about 120 billion yen.***

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