Be alert…! Supercam is the Latest Drone for Russian War Equipment

WorldTekhno.comThe new Russian drone “Supercam” is an unmanned combat drone (UAV) developed by Rostec, the holding company of the Russian defence industry. The drone is designed for direct attack, reconnaissance and targeting missions.

Supercam is 1.5 metres long, 0.9 metres wide and 0.5 metres high. The drone weighs 12 kilograms and can fly at a maximum speed of 180 kilometres per hour. Supercam has an operating range of up to 100 kilometres.

This drone is equipped with a variety of sensors, including optical cameras, infrared cameras and radar. Supercam can also be equipped with a variety of weapons, including bombs, missiles and grenades.

Supercam is designed to fly in extreme weather conditions, including snowstorms, heavy rain and fog. The drone is also designed to survive electronic warfare.

In December 2023, Rostec announced that Supercam had completed testing and was ready to enter military service. The drone is likely to be used in the war in Ukraine.

Here are some of the main specifications of the Supercam drone:

• Length: 1.5 metres

• Width: 0.9 metres

• Height: 0.5 metres

• Weight: 12 kilograms

• Maximum speed: 180 kilometres per hour

• Operating range: 100 kilometres

• Sensors: Optical cameras, infrared cameras, radar.

• Weapons: Bombs, missiles, grenades.

The Supercam drone is an important addition to Russia’s military might. These drones provide Russia with new capabilities for direct attacks, reconnaissance and targeting.***

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