This Is The Motorcycle Technology From Marc Marquez In The Repsol Honda RC213V Moto Gp

WorldTekhno.comMotto Gp is ​​the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world, which involves many manufacturers to compete in this event, such as Japanese manufacturers with Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, as well as other manufacturers such as Ducati and others.

The vehicle that is ridden in the Moto Grand Prix-GP is one of the fastest land vehicles on earth, its speed is almost equal to an F1 car which can reach 354 km / h. The Moto Gp vehicle only takes 2.5 seconds to reach a speed of 0-100.

The following are the specifications of one of the Grand Prix motorcycles from the Japanese manufacturer _ Repsol Honda RC213V which can be accessed in Kendari by Mark Marquez and Pol Espargaro.

Following are the specifications of the RC213V:

 1.Length: 2052 mm

 2.Width: 645 mm/25.4 inch

 3.Height: 1110 mm/43.7 inch

 4.Spare between wheels: 1435 mm/56.5 inch

 5.Lowest clearance: 115mm/4.5inch

 6.Max weight: 157 kg

 7. Frame: Aluminum twin tube

 8.Size of the front and rear wheels: 17 inches

 9. Brakes: Brembo

 10.Front suspension:Telescopic Fork

 11.Rear Suspension:Pro Link

 12.Engine Type:Liquid Cooled,4 Stroke,DOHC 4 Valve,V-4

 13.Fuel capacity:22 liter

 14.Cylinder Fill:1000 cc /61 cu in

 15.Max Power:180 KW/241hp

 For the RC213V code itself has the meaning;

 RC – stands for Racing Competition

 21 – interpreted as the era of the creation of the RC213V motorcycle, in the 21st century, and the number 3 symbolizes the 3rd generation, which was produced and V, for the meaning of Victory.***

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