Not to be underestimated in Military Armament, Russia’s Latest Leading Okhotnik Stealth Drone

WorldTekhno.comMilitary defense equipment is important for a country, in addition to being a supporter of maintaining sovereignty, it is also a symbol of progress in technology, as well as the progress of a country’s human resources, so that it will automatically be respected by other countries.

The world is competing to develop and equip its military with the latest defense equipment. Russia is one of the countries that is intensively developing its defense technology. After the success with the manufacture of the Sukhoi aircraft, now this country is a fraction of the Soviet Union making a surprise to the world about its amazing creation, especially in military defense equipment technology which has recently been reported in several countries.  media.

One of the latest news is the successful trial of making a prototype of a stealth drone called the Okhotnik, which is ready for production in the future. The Okhotnik or hunter drone, even though it weighs 20 tons, is capable of flying at a speed of 1000 km/hour.  This stealth drone is equipped with a jet engine, and of course it is supported by anti-radar technology and is able to attack targets from the air and targets from the ground.

In the trial phase in 2019, Okhotnik has been paired with the SU-57 fighter jet. To develop this system, Russia is reported to have budgeted US$52 million until 2025. Hopefully with the success of this stealth drone, it can  make it easier to help maintain world peace.***

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