Indonesia through its Minister of Defense is ready to renew its military equipment

Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto on November 25 in Jakarta met with French Minister of Defense Sebastian Lecornu, during the meeting Prabowo Subianto and Sebastian Lecornu discussed Indonesia’s plan to buy two Scorpene-class attack submarines.

In addition to the planned purchase of two attack submarines, Indonesia in February also ordered 42 Rafale fighter jets worth US$1.8 billion and ordered two Airbus A400M aircraft last year.

The A400M is included in a multi-functional aircraft type that can increase the tactical capabilities of the air force.

The A400M’s tactical air-to-air capabilities will become a national asset and an important role to provide a form of humanitarian assistance in disaster response, as Prabowo Subianto said while attending the Dubai Airshow in November 2021, which he said :” In addition to the tactical and air- into the air, the A400M will become a national asset and play an important role in providing humanitarian assistance and disaster response missions.”

Prabowo also welcomed the arrival of the United States Defense Minister Lloyd Austin four days earlier, to continue discussions regarding the purchase of F-15 fighter jets.

“The decision now rests with the Indonesian government. Negotiations have proceeded smoothly,” Prabowo said in a joint press conference with Austin on Nov. 21.

“We certainly support Defense Minister Prabowo’s efforts to continue modernizing the Indonesian defense system and its capabilities and we want to help as much as we can,” Austin said.

Prabowo also signed a contract in the same month to purchase missiles made by a company from Turkey, Roketsan during the Indonesian Defense Exhibition and Forum in Jakarta.

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Indonesia also plans to buy the Khan missile which can be launched from a multi-barreled rocket launcher which has a weight of 2,500 kg and a range of up to 280 kilometers.

“This Government-to-Government and Business-to-Business cooperation is expected to increase the capability of the Indonesian defense industry,” Prabowo said during a meeting with the President of the Turkish Defense Industry Agency Ismail Demir on the sidelines of the forum.

The response from Prabowo’s decision analysts for RI to update the defense equipment was timely. However, they also reminded that Indonesia must be observant in buying these various combat tools so that they can operate optimally when combined with one another.

Helvas Ali who is a defense analyst for the thin tank Marapi Consulting and Advisory also said “Alutsista (RI) is already 30 years old, some are 40 years old, some are 50 years old. This is a very reasonable step”.***


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