The Beginning of the Birth of Information & Communication Technology

The start of the use of technology by humans began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. The discovery in prehistoric times about the ability to control fire was able to increase the availability of food sources, while the results of creating wheels can help humans in activities such as traveling and controlling their environment .

Recent technological developments, including the creation of printing presses, telephones and the internet which can reduce physical barriers to communication and allow humans to interact freely on a global scale. However, not all technology is used for peaceful purposes. The development of more and more powerful destructive weapons has taken place throughout history from sticks to nuclear weapons.

In the seventies, information technology was just an idea, but now it is an important element of our lives. IT has revolutionized the social and economic aspects of life in many ways. In addition, IT has changed the way we communicate with each other. Communication is now faster and more efficient as a result of IT advancements.

IT has had a significant impact on communication and the way we learn. People used to communicate with letters and newspapers in the past. Now, they now communicate via email and text messages. IT has also changed the way we communicate with neighbors, relatives and our friends. We now use smartphones as a means of communicating with voice or video calls very quickly and comfortably.

In addition, we can already use applications to send large volumes of information to each other without taking up a lot of space on disk drives. Information technology relies on communication between humans and machines. The main concept behind IT is communication between machines and humans. Humans are the creators of information technology , while the computer is a means of storing that information. Therefore, information technology is about transferring information between humans and machines in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner.

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Information technology has replaced physical letters with the transfer of digital data by means of electronic signals or pulses in frequency bands. It is also the process of using technology to generate or distribute information or electronic equipment to support or help align this process. In addition, communication is the act of conveying or transmitting messages, usually using verbal or written. Therefore, communication with information technology to transmit information between humans and machines efficiently- both verbally and digitally.

Information technology will definitely change the way we communicate with each other in the future as it is already happening now. It makes our life much more convenient and enjoyable by making communication easy and accessible to everyone. Therefore, we must use it responsibly responsibility because misuse of IT can have a negative impact on society at large.

Communication and information technology can make all of us owners of information and information which in essence is very important for the life of our society and is conditional on our economy and national institutions and trade.

Information technology communication is able to assist all of our life activities in producing a better economy and institutions by using very good and best advanced information technology tools in all of our life activities. ***

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