The Most Advanced Stealth Attack Submarine? What Did the British Empire Introduce?

WorldTekhno.comThe attack submarine HMS Anson is the most sophisticated ship that will strengthen the British Royal Navy fleet. With its capability as reconnaissance with stealth technology, it’s no wonder this ship is worth US $ 1.5 billion. In addition, HMS Anson is the fifth series of the Astute class submarines, in addition to There are Ambush, Audacious, and Artful.

In addition to its stealth technology, the HMS Anson ship is equipped with a combined weaponry of up to 38 Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk Block V missiles. With this weaponry it is capable of immobilizing ships or submarines with a target range of 1,000 miles away. other Naval ships from enemy interference.

The construction of the 8,000-ton attack submarine was carried out by 10,000 people from 400 British organizational companies, with 20 million man-hours over a period of 11 years.

For the purposes of system adjustments, testing and final inspection, the Ansor is still at Barrow for a few more weeks before sailing to HM Naval Base Clyde in Faslane, Scotland.

When exhibited in front of his crew, his family, leaders at BAE Systems, Cumbria, also attended by several foreign ministers for defense Ben Wallace, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Australian Prime Minister Richard Marles, and Julie Weale, as sponsors. .***

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