List Of Stealth Planes The World Should Watch Out For – In a country the army is a very important element in maintaining its sovereignty, therefore the importance of military defense equipment technology must be continuously updated, both in the army, sea, and in the air force.

 In the military world, in addition to combat weapons that must be modernized, it must also be supported by sophisticated combat vehicles. Such as rantis vehicles, and tanks to maintain sovereignty on land, ships to maintain sovereignty at sea, and warplanes to maintain sovereignty in space.

 To maintain the sovereignty of their airspace, several countries have created advanced fighter jets, thus creating the latest generation for all current fighter aircraft technology, namely the 5th generation. For all 5th generation fighter technology, which of course is equipped with stealth features in all aspects and when armed, so that it is not detected by the opponent.

 The following is the 5th generation of the most advanced fighter jets in various countries for military needs:

 1. F-35 Lighting II — — United States

 This aircraft was built by Lockheed Martin in 2015, United States. The F-35 is made in three variants with differences in their landing capabilities.

• The F-35A is a fighter with basic capabilities – conventional.

• The F-35B is a fighter with the advantage of being able to take off on short runways.

• F -35C fighter variant suitable for deployment on aircraft carriers.

The F-35 fighter aircraft is in great demand by more than 13 countries in the world, including: Israel, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

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2. SU-57 – Russia

Made by the company United Aircraft Corporations ( UAC) -Russia. The Sukhoi-57 was created to compete with the United States’ flagship fighter, the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.

3. FC-31 – China

Manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporations – China.

4. J-20 – China

Manufactured by the Chinese company, Chengdu Aerospace Corporations.

5. F-22 Raptor – United States of America

Made by Lockheed Martin, it is the first 5th generation aircraft created in the world.

6.TAI TF-X – Turkey

Made by a Turkish company, although this aircraft is still in the development stage. Turkey reportedly invited Malaysia to join in the development of this 5th generation fighter jet, as well as Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan, which are considered as very potential partners in this program in terms of capital.

7. X-2 Shinshin – Japan

   This fighter aircraft was made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan. This experimental aircraft first flew in 2016 and is still under development.

8.HAL AMCA – India

Not to be left behind, India is also currently developing a 5th generation fighter aircraft, this aircraft is said to rival the sophistication of the US-made F-35 fighter and the Russian-made SU-57.

9. KF-21 – Korea Selatan / Indonesia

KF-21 di jadwalkan test uji di tahun 2022 ini,dan ditargetkan bisa mengudara pada 2025. Pesawat ini merupakan hasil kerjasama Korea Selatan dan Indonesia, Korea Fighter Xperiment-Indonesia Fighter Xperiment (KF-X/IF-X).  KF-21 mampu terbang dengan kecepatan 2.200/jam,dengan jangkauan 2.900 km.KF-21 di kabarkan akan menyaingi kecanggihan Dassult Rafale Typoon dari Eropa, F/A-18 dan F-16 Fighting Falcon dari Amerika Serikat, serta kecanggihan Sukhoi SU-30 buatan Rusia, proyek ini diusung  dikeluarkan oleh PT.  Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) berlokasi di Bandung, Indonesia.  ***

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