China is ready to send 11 sets of CR400AF fast trains for Jakarta – Bandung to Indonesia

The factory that handles the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Train (KCJB) project, CRRC Qingdao Sifang began sending the 11 sets of trains to Indonesia via Qingdao Port in Shandong Province, East China.

KCJB is one of the National Strategic Projects for transportation infrastructure in Indonesia. Citing the website of the Indonesia China Fast Train (KCIC), the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Train will use the latest generation, the CR400AF, which is the result of the development of the CRH380A type by CRRC Qingdao Sifang.

CRRC Business Unit Vice President Qindao Sifang Ma Qiang said the train sets were carried by Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers – China’s largest special shipping operator. It targets the train series to arrive in Indonesia by the end of this month.

The CR400AF has a width of 3.36 meters, a height of 4.05 meters, a locomotive length of 27.2 meters and an intermediate train of 25 meters. The fast train CR400AF has a larger size. The use of the fast train was able to last for 30 years. Maintenance costs also tend to be low.

Each CR400AF series is equipped with two lightning arresters to increase safety against lightning strikes, especially on the side of high voltage equipment. The CR400AF is capable of operating in tropical climates, extreme weather and high humidity temperatures such as in Indonesia. The CR400AF is certain to be able to pass the geographical conditions of the Jakarta-Bandung track which tends to climb.

The amount of power each circuit reaches 9750 kilowatts, the CR400AF is able to provide better acceleration when crossing the center line (trase) at an altitude (elevation) of 30 per mile. The CR400AF can be used as towing other trains even in conditions of variable speed change (gradient) or elevation of 12 per mile.

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The CR400AF is equipped with an emergency brake whose performance is based on driver control. The second emergency brake is based on an automatic function, namely automatic train protection (ATP). The emergency brake performance detects the distance between trains when the power is off or not working.

He added that the shipment was the first batch. The delivery will be the basis for the completion of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project. Once completed, the train will be able to serve the people of Indonesia to cover a distance of 142 km at a speed of 350 km/hour. Meanwhile, the rest will be done in early 2023.

He said Indonesia would be the first in Southeast Asia to have a high-speed train. And the existence of this fast train, he said, would cut the travel time between Jakarta and Bandung from the usual more than three hours to only 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, the chief designer of EMU at CRRC Qingdao Sifang Zhang Fangtao guarantees the fast trains sent to Indonesia with modern technology. This is because the series of trains sent are equipped with smart and advanced technology, safety protocols, strong environmental adaptability, and distinctive local characteristics. ***

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