Hospital Assist Ship As The Most Beautiful Gift From TNI & PT.PAL Indonesia On The 77th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Learning from the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia is committed to strengthening adequate health facilities to remote corners of the archipelago. For this reason, through PT. PAL, the Indonesian Navy (TNI) Navy (AL) is trying to make it happen by designing a Hospital Auxiliary Ship. BRS). The ship, which was named “dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo – 99” was handed over in early 2022.

On the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, as a special gift, PT. PAL is ready to launch the 2nd BRS Kalal at the BRS Ship-Naming & Launching event. The 2nd BRS Ship has now reached 81% in the construction process, or the construction of the building has been completed, and the installation stage of the ship’s propulsion equipment, along with several medical equipment, has been completed.

The specifications of the 2nd BRS ship have not changed much from the previous BRS ship, which is equivalent to a type-C hospital, has a deck and hangar that can accommodate three helicopters, which function as air evacuation equipment, one RHIB unit, and two LCVP units. , two ambulance boat units, and additional features that other hospitals do not have, namely X-rays, CT scans, and isolation rooms to treat infectious diseases.

Do you know, what is PT. PAL Indonesia? PT. PAL is a subsidiary of Len Industri, which is located in Surabaya, and has a representative office in Jakarta. This limited company (PT) was founded on April 15, 1980 which specializes in maritime affairs. Apart from producing ships, floating equipment, generating equipment electricity, machinery equipment, oil and gas industry equipment, and turbines.

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Apart from being a product, PT. PAL also provides ship maintenance planning services, ship maintenance and repair, shipping agents, manning and chartering of ships, as well as for ship management.

PT. PAL Indonesia also plays an active role in the distribution of stimulus. Through the trust of the Indonesian government and the Indonesian Navy, PT. PAL is able to create jobs, and realize reducing dependence on foreign partners. ***

Source : PT.PAL Indonesia

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