Russian Military Equipment And Strength At The Order Of World Number 2

WorldTekhno.comRussia since Thursday (24-2-2022) began pounding Ukraine under the pretext of protecting harassers and genocide in Kiev for eight years accused by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Its military attacks have been opposed by several countries, but Russia has not yet stopped its attacks on Ukraine.
Russia is a developed country in terms of military technology, so Russia is in second place according to Global Fire Power, below one level from the United States, which is ranked first. with the bluff of other countries in carrying out their military attacks.
The following is the Russian military power according to Global Fire Power which is able to occupy the number two position in the world:
Military Personnel : 1,350,000 850,000 – Active Personnel 250,000 – Reserve Personnel 250,000 – Paramilitary Personnel.

Warship : 605 Unit

• 1 unit – Carrier

• 11 units – Prigat Ship

• 15 units – Destroyer

 • 86 units – Corvette Ship

• 70 units – Submarine

• 59 units – Patrol Ship

• 49 units – Minesweeper.

Military Aircraft: 4,173 Units

• 7.72 units – Combat Aircraft

• 739 units – Ground Attack Aircraft

• 445 units – Transport Ships

• 554 units – Combat Helicopters

Ground Forces :

• 12,420 units – Tanks

• 30,122 units – Armored Vehicles

• 7,571 units – Towed Artillery

• 6, 574 units – Self Artillery – Mobile

• 3,391 units – Rocket Launchers

Such is the description of the military power of the Soviet Union which is increasingly advanced in its military technology so that it is able to attach to the United States of America which is in the position of one world military power, and hopefully Russia can end its invasion of Ukraine in order to maintain world peace.***

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