Two Sony Digital TV Series, With Full-Featured Technology That Spoils Your Family’s Eyes

Who doesn’t know the Sony brand? This giant brand, headquartered in Japan, is developing its business apart from international entertainment and technology. Various different types of electronics have been produced, in addition, they also produce films and video game consoles.

For the Sony tv brand, it already has a big name in the world, the Sony brand tv product is one of the brands that is much in demand with its quality and technology, even though Sony has tough competitors from other brands, such as the Samsung brand tv, companies based in South Korea, and of course the LG brand. into his ranks.

Sony has made great OLED and LED TVs, but they tend to be more expensive than its competitors. In 2022, Sony will also start producing QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs to compete with Samsung. Their lineup is smaller than other brands, and they tend to stay away from entry-level, low-cost models.

The best Sony TV on the market is the Sony A90J OLED. Like all OLED displays, it delivers deep, pure blacks in dark rooms, with absolutely no visible blooming around bright objects. This TV stands out from the competition for its accuracy, making it a great choice for movie buffs looking for the most accurate picture possible. It has decent peak brightness in HDR, which, thanks to its nearly infinite contrast ratio, makes for an impressive HDR experience.

If you prefer the LED option, then the Sony X95K has the best overall image quality in terms of light and dark room performance, and while the Sony X90K is a downgrade, it also offers great overall performance, so you’re sure to find what you need with Sony. .

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Sony is an international entertainment and technology company based in Japan. They make all kinds of different electronics, and they also manufacture movies and video game consoles. In terms of their TVs, they are one of the most well-known companies next to Samsung and LG. While Samsung specializes in LED displays and LG dominates the OLED world, Sony makes great OLED and LED TVs, but they tend to cost more than their competitors.

In 2022, Sony will also start producing QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs to compete with Samsung. Their lineup is smaller than other brands, and they tend to move away from entry-level, low-cost models.

 1. Sony X95K


Controls backlighting in zones to reproduce realistic contrast in light and dark areas simultaneously. Intelligent processor to enhance images with true-to-life color and depth.


Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how we see and hear to deliver intense contrast with pure blacks, high peak brightness and natural colours.


Adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadows by precisely balancing light output across the screen, dimming some areas and enhancing others. Scenes look more real with extra depth and detail.


The Full Array LED panel with a unique new LED structure and the XR Triluminos Pro allow the X90K to access over a billion colors and reproduce each color with subtle differences that are visible in the real world.


Our technology includes a voice positioning tweeter to ensure high-frequency sound comes from the right place in the scene, exactly the same as what’s on the screen. With X-Balanced speakers, you’ll hear clear, high-quality sound.

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Watch what you love, control it with your voice. View 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, all in one place. Google TV brings you your favorite content from across apps and subscriptions and organizes it just for you.

• Supot Untuk PlayStation®5

Pair your BRAVIA XR TV with a PlayStation®5 console for a fantastic Sony exclusive gaming experience. With immersive images and sound, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action.


A large number of movies are included and waiting for you. With BRAVIA XR, Pure Stream™ and IMAX® Enhanced technologies, everything you watch is presented with stunning visuals and expressive sound quality.

2. Sony X90K

Main feature :

– Cognitive Processor XR™

– Full Array LED

– XR Picture

– XR Colour

– XR Triluminos Pro

– XR Contrast Booster 10

– XR HDR Remaster

– XR Contrast

– 4K XR Super Resolution

– 4K XR Smoothing

– XR Clarity

– 4K/120fps

– XR Motion Clarity

– XR Motion

– XR Surround

– Acoustic Multi-Audio

– XR Sound Position

– 3D Surround Upscaling

– Google TV




– BLUETOOTH PROFILE SUPPORT : Version 4.2;HID (mouse/keyboard connectivity)/HOGP (Low Energy device connectivity)/SPP(Serial Port Profile)/A2DP (stereo audio) /AVRCP (AV remote control)


– TIPE CAHAYA BELAKANG : Direct (Full Array LED)

– MOTION ENHANCER (NATIVE HZ) : XR Motion Clarity, Mode Otomatis

– PICTURE PROCESSOR : Cognitive Processor XR

– CLARITY ENHANCEMENT : XR 4K Upscaling, XR Super Resolution

– COLOUR ENHANCEMENT : Teknologi Live Colour™, XR Smoothing, XR Triluminos Pro™

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– HDMI : 4

– USB : 2

– HDMI2.1 : 4K120/eARC/VRR3/ALLM

– DIMENSI TV (P X L X T) : Sekitar Sekitar 1452 x 863 x 331 mm.***

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