Australia Introduces Its Newest Technology, Underwater Drones

WorldTekhno.comUnderwater drones or underwater sea gliders are usually used to find and determine submarine routes, besides that, they are used to collect data on a sea depth or sea depth characteristics so that it can become submarine traffic, so that it cannot be detected by radar.

A country has underwater drones for nothing other than military purposes other than for research purposes related to marine characteristics/ hydro oceanography for fishing.

One of the countries that has recently developed underwater drones is Australia. Australia is speeding up an undersea drone or XLAUV (Extra–Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). One unit of the underwater drone is targeted to be completed within the next year to stem Chinese aggression. This was conveyed by the founder of Anduril Industries, Palmer Luckey, while visiting Kangaroo Country, some time ago.

In addition to announcing an underwater drone development project called XLAUV (Extra–Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) apparently also supports the development of another large type of underwater drone, namely the Speartooth LUUV (Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle). The difference is that if XLAUV is made by Anduril Industries, then Speartooth is made by C2 Robotics.

The 8 m Speartooth LUUV has an overall width of 1 m, an operational depth of 2,000 m, and a maximum operational range of 2,000 km. It is powered by hybrid lithium-ion and diesel power generation with a direct propeller propulsion system. Meanwhile, the 4 m LUUV has an overall width of around 0.5 m and has almost the same operational specifications as the 8 m variant.

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Both variants have a composite hull and have been designed with a large and flexible payload bay that can be fitted with a wide variety of underwater sensors and instruments. The UUV will also be coupled with a digital periscope system in a later part of their trial.***

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