12 Turkish Anka Drones Wholesale in Indonesia, Preparing to…

WorldTekhno.comIndonesia has purchased 12 ANKA drones from Türkiye. This purchase was agreed by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) on 2 February 2023. The value of the purchase contract reached USD 300 million or around IDR 4.5 billion.

The purchase of ANKA drones is part of the Indonesian military’s defence equipment modernisation programme. The ANKA drone is a medium-class combat drone equipped with various weapons, including missiles and bombs. This drone has a flight range of up to 3,000 kilometres and can operate for 24 hours.

The purchase of ANKA drones is also expected to enhance the capabilities of Indonesia’s defence industry. In the purchase contract it was agreed that the first phase of 6 ANKA drones would be produced in Turkey. Meanwhile, the other 6 units will be assembled in Indonesia with PT. Dirgantara Indonesia through a technology transfer programme.

The purchase of the ANKA drone received positive responses from various parties. Indonesian Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto said that this purchase was an important step to improve Indonesia’s defence. He also hopes that Indonesia can become its own combat drone producer in the future.

The following are the specifications of the ANKA drone:

○ Length: 12 metres

○ Width: 2.4 metres

○ Height: 3.3 metres

○ Weight: 4,500 kilograms

○ Maximum speed: 270 kilometres per hour

○ Range: 3,000 kilometres

○ Flying time: 24 hours

○ Armament: missiles and bombs.***

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