Vacation in a Different Way, Virgin Galactic Prepares a Vacation to Space

WorldTekhno.comVirgin Galactic, as a space tourism company, has successfully completed its first commercial spaceflight mission, Galactic 01, which took off from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

This event will spark a space tourism trend as 800 people are already lined up to fly to the edge of outer space.

Four passengers, including a Virgin Galactic trainer to oversee the mission from inside the cockpit, and customers 3. All three are members of the Italian Air Force. By performing 13 experiments on the first flight, Virgin Galactic also performed 13 experiments.

The importance of this experiment considering that Virgin Galactic aims to be able to fly as often as possible. Therefore, all the parameters of this first flight were measured. Experiments carried out, such as the measurement of cosmic radiation in the mesosphere, i.e. the altitude between 50 km and 80 km above the Earth. Others involve thermofluid dynamics. For example, a certain liquid turns into a gas at a certain altitude.

They also experimented which foam material was better in microgravity conditions. Finally, also experiments related to human vital signs. This includes studying how changes in the cells lining blood vessels, cardiac MRI and circadian rhythms are affected by microgravity. 800 passengers already queued Virgin Galactic was founded by Sir Richard Branson in 2004.

It took him a long time to realize his dream of space tourism. In fact, along the way, Virgin Galactic’s commercial services have been delayed and delayed years. Therefore, the success of the Galactic 01 mission is a great achievement for them.

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In fact, the company plans to fly the second mission in August and then start flying the VSS Unity spacecraft at least once a month. Virgin Galactic is currently seeking funding to finance the development of the Delta-class spacecraft.

The goal is to build a fleet of aircraft that can fly at least once a week. Interest in space tourism is apparently very high. Especially, for wealthy people who like challenges. The proof, Virgin Galactic currently has a queue of 800 people.

For 10 years, Virgin Galactic started selling tickets at a price of USD 200 000 and USD 250 000 last year.

VSSUnity is a rocket-powered suborbital spacecraft attached to a mothership called VMS Eve. VMS Eve flies like a normal commercial aircraft.

VSS Unity will fire its rocket engine at an altitude of 80 km from Earth after reaching an altitude of more than 40,000 feet. This altitude is considered the edge of outer space. The flight crew also enjoys the thrill of a few minutes in zero gravity. In addition, the aircraft descended and landed normally in New Mexico. ***

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