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WorldTekhno.comOn 20 December 2023, a group of hackers calling themselves “ALPHV” hacked into the data of Insomniac Games, a US video game developer. The leaked data included a previously unreleased trailer for the game Wolverine. The trailer then went viral on social media.

Insomniac Games confirmed that they have been attacked by hackers. The company said it is investigating the incident and working to recover the lost data.

The leaked Wolverine trailer shows Wolverine fighting his enemies in the city of Madripoor. The trailer also shows some of Wolverine’s abilities, such as his adamantium claws and his healing factor.

Wolverine is an action-adventure game that will be released in 2024. This game will tell the story of Wolverine in the city of Madripoor.

Then who is the ALPHV hacker?

“ALPHV is a ransomware hacking group active since December 2021. This group uses the BlackCat ransomware, which is a variant of the Conti ransomware. ALPHV has attacked several organisations around the world, including businesses, governments and non-governmental organisations.

This group is known for its fast and aggressive attacks. They often use sophisticated hacking techniques to break into their targets’ systems. Once logged in, they will encrypt the target’s data and demand a ransom to unlock it.

It is estimated that ALPHV has earned more than $300 million from its ransomware attacks. This group has become one of the most active and dangerous ransomware hacking groups in the world.

Here is some information about ALPHV:

• Name: ALPHV, Black Cat

• Threat type: ransomware

• Activity: December 2021 – present

• Target: Businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations

• Location: Unknown

• Technical: BlackCat ransomware

• Benefit: more than $300 million

ALPHV is a dangerous hacking group that poses a threat to organisations around the world. Businesses and organisations must take steps to protect themselves from ransomware attacks.***

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