Wow… First of All, These are the Specifications for the Khan Missile from Turkey Which Was Purchased by Indonesia“The Indonesian military will be the first foreign user of this system,” Roketsan deputy director general Murat Kurtulus told Defense News on 8 November 2023. This is the purchase of Khan missiles.

Further, quoting Military Today, Khan is a tactical ballistic missile capable of targeting many strategic targets.

The Khan missile is a tactical ballistic missile (TBM) produced by Roketsan, a Turkish defence company. This missile is designed to provide long-range fire support to ground troops.

The Khan missile has a range of up to 280 kilometres and can carry a warhead weighing 470 kilograms. This missile can be launched from a variety of platforms, including multi-barrel rocket launchers, armoured vehicles and ships.

In November 2022, Indonesia and Türkiye signed an agreement to purchase Khan missiles. Indonesia will buy 18 units of Khan missiles and their launch systems.

• Khan missile specifications

○ Length: 5.2 metres
○ Diameter: 610 millimetres
○ Weight: 2,500 kilograms
○ Range: 80-280 kilometres
○ Warhead: 470 kilograms
○ Guidance system: GPS/INS
○ Speed: Mach 3.8

Uses of Khan missiles

Khan missiles can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

○ Attack ground targets, such as air defences, military bases and critical infrastructure.
○ Attack maritime targets, such as warships and submarines.
○ Conduct precision strikes.
Indonesia’s purchase of Khan missiles

Indonesia’s purchase of Khan missiles is part of Indonesia’s military modernisation efforts. This missile will strengthen Indonesia’s defence capabilities and provide deterrence against threats from other countries.***

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