Tool for Converting Water Particles Into Motor Vehicle Fuel Invented by Indonesian Citizens

WorldTekhno.comAryanto Misel, a resident of Lemah Abang, Cirebon – Indonesia, the creator of a device that converts water into fuel oil for motor vehicles, named Nikuba stands for Niku Banyu, is an electrolysis generator tool that converts water particles into hydrogen, this hydrogen which will be a substitute for fuel for bicycles motorbikes and cars.

Motor vehicles that will use this electrolysis generator need to change or modify the fuel line system so that it can be connected to the intake to the engine fuel chamber.

For the initial stage, Aryanto Misel has created as many as 30 electrolysis generators that have been ordered and installed in the vehicle unit for members of the TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces) Kodam III Siliwangi. Furthermore, Ariyanto will expand the number of production after all the legal processes are ready.

For this invention, Ariyanto sold it at a price of Rp. 4,500,000, – (Four million five hundred thousand rupiah).

Hopefully this important discovery can be supported by the government, so that it can be mass-produced at a price that is more affordable for the wider community.***

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