China’s Success In Creating Its New Generation Of Super Fast Train From Maglev

WorldTekhno.comChina is preparing to produce its newest high-speed train, this train will be able to go up to 620 km/hour, this train is named Maglev.

Although still in the prototype stage, the magleve train will run using the power of high-temperature superconductors, so that when moving it will look as if it is floating along the magnetic rails.

This maglev super-fast train is the newest type of the previous maglev which started operating in 2003, it’s just that the first generation maglev train is only able to accelerate up to 431 km/hour.

The prototype of the maglev super-fast train that has been made is only 21 meters long which was exhibited to the media in the city of Chengdu, but in preparation, China has built a 174 km high-speed rail line. In addition, Chinese researchers have also built a 165 meter long rail to show the appearance of the maglev prototupe in the city. over the rails.

China’s newest super-fast train project is targeted for completion and operation in the next 3 to 10 years. With China’s success in creating its newest train, for now the maglev has rivaled and defeated the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train which is capable of speeding up to 320 km/hour.* **

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