The Mini Cooper from the British Iconic Jaguar – The Jaguar is a UK icon that will be fully prepared to become an electric vehicle by 2025. An electric car or other EV made in England, this iconic British ‘Made in Britain’ EV will enter the electric age .

The iconic fuel-saving ‘Mini’ got it right with the crisis situation and rising oil prices in Suez at the time.Mini became a symbol of the 1960s, which is timeless.

The Mini Electric is manufactured in the same Oxford factory as the original. The Cowley Mini factory produces 223 000 cars a year, of which 80% of production is for export. It’s all done by a workforce of up to 4500 people. Mini Electric uses the discreet name Mini Cooper SE.

The Mini Electric makes several references to its British origins, from the taillight socket to the slightly more subtle British three-pin plug design on its hubcaps. Could that be enough to make it the most ‘British’ electric car?

As an EV, the Mini Electric is also unusual. Firstly, it weighs only slightly more than the gasoline version. Secondly, true to its economy roots, the Mini Electric comes in at £600 cheaper than the equivalent Mini Cooper S with automatic gearbox.

Mini has bold plans to revolutionize production at its Oxford plant with the arrival of two radically new family SUVs and a next-generation Mini hatchback that will keep Britain the “home of the Mini brand”.

A new large zero-emission Mini large SUV will be produced at Oxford based on the spacious Urbanaut concept car first revealed in 2020. The Mini may have the ‘Clubman’ badge, a name usually reserved for the family version.***

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