5 Advantages of GPT-4 That Can’t Be Found in ChatGPT Before

WorldTekhno.com – OpenAI officially unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) language model, namely GPT-4, on Wednesday (3/14/2023). OpenAI GPT-4 is claimed to be smarter than ChatGPT, which was popular recently. GPT-4 and ChatGPT are basically language model programs trained in a conversational or dialog format, so users can give various commands and get responses as if they were talking to other humans.

GPT-4 is more creative and collaborative than ever. It can generate, edit, and switch with users on technical and creative writing tasks, such as writing songs, writing scripts, or learning a user’s writing style.

In addition, GPT-4 also comes in an API or programming system format that can be integrated into applications created by developers. For availability, the GPT-4 API will be released in the near future.

Although it has the same format as its predecessor, GPT-4 is equipped with several more features than ChatGPT, which was designed from GPT-3.5. What are the advantages of GPT-4 compared to ChatGPT?

Some of the advantages of GPT-4 compared to ChatGPT are as follows

  1. Longer conversations.The third advantage of GPT-4 over ChatGPT is that GPT-4 conversations can be longer than ChatGPT conversations. GPT-4 can hold conversations up to a maximum of about 25,000 words, about eight times longer than previous versions.
  2. Better language comprehension.The next advantage is in terms of language comprehension. OpenAI has been testing GPT-4, GPT-3.5 and other language models to answer thousands of multiple-choice questions in 26 different languages. Of the 26 languages tested, it was recorded that GPT-4 language comprehension successfully outperformed other language models (including GPT-3.5) in 24 languages, with English being the highest.
  3. Can detect images. OpenAI calls GPT-4 not just a language model, but a multimodal model. This is because GPT-4 can detect and describe image data, not just text as in ChatGPT. With GPT-4, users can enter commands in text and image format. GPT-4 will then provide a text explanation or response to commands consisting of text and images. Like Now Image detection is arguably an obvious capability in GPT-4. However, the image detection capability of GPT-4 is unfortunately still in the testing phase. The GPT-4 image detection feature is not yet available for public testing.
  4. Provides a safer response .The risk of GPT-4 remains the same as ChatGPT, i.e. the potential to provide several unsafe responses to a command, such as dangerous suggestions, problematic code and inaccurate information. To overcome this risk, OpenAI claims to have engaged several experts to provide information on how to train GPT-4 to reject malicious commands and present a more secure response. With this training process, OpenAI claims to be able to reduce GPT-4’s tendency to respond to malicious commands by 82 percent compared to GPT-3.5 (the core program used to design ChatGPT).
  5. Responses are more expressive .The advantages of GPT-4 over ChatGPT are also found in terms of response style. Quoted from the official OpenAI website, response styles, such as GPT-4’s conversational tones, can be configured according to the user’s wishes. Therefore, GPT-4 responses can be more expressive. Those are five advantages of GPT-4 compared to ChatGPT. GPT-4 can now be tested by users. However, not everyone can test it. GPT-4 is currently only available to users who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. With GPT-4 it looks like it will facilitate everything that users are looking for, such as helping with work as an article writer and other needs.***
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