Don’t Be Fooled By The Mega Pixel Size Of Smartphone Cameras, Because It’s Not Everything To Produce The Best Photo Quality

WorldTekhno.comThe world of photography is now very spoiled with technology that is growing rapidly, especially advances in camera technology as mandatory equipment for photography lovers. In the past, cameras were only limited to analog types that only used camera film so that the use and photo printing process was quite time consuming.

Technology continues to develop, so there are digital cameras, such as: DSLR, Mirrorless, and SLR, with the sophistication of this camera can produce sharp photos. But to get this camera is not cheap, but comparable with the quality of the results.

As an alternative to a cellphone camera, we can use it if it’s just a hobby of photography. Now advanced cameras have been embedded in Android smartphones. In the past, cellphones were only equipped with VGA cameras, but now mega pixel technology supports every smartphone to replace VGA.

With mega pixel technology, the camera results are much better and sharper, and this is what many photography lovers are looking for.  This opportunity is taken advantage of by gadget manufacturers to compete in issuing smartphones equipped with cameras with high pixels.

Many people are proud to have a smartphone camera with large pixels, with a view, the higher the pixels, the better the photo quality, is that right?
Pixel is the screen open space, the higher the pixel will maintain the quality of the photo when cropped or enlarged, for example a camera has a size of 8 mega pixels, which means the size of the photo is: W x L (28 cm x 20 cm) or 11  inches x 8 inches.

The camera will produce good photos depending on the performance of the sensor, the sensor on the camera is of two types, namely: CMOS sensor, and CCD. The sensor functions to capture the light needed for image capture.  So the larger the sensor size, the camera will produce more detailed photos.
 Camera Sensor Image:


But the fact is that the higher the mega pixel Smartphone, the photo quality is good enough?  It’s true, because the size of mega pixels is directly proportional to the size of the sensor.  So the sensor should also adjust to the megapixel size of a camera.

To compare the facts of camera sensors as a benchmark for photo results, try comparing smartphone cameras with DSLR cameras. Photo results from smartphone cameras will lose when compared with DSLR camera photos, even though DSLR camera pixels are below Smartphone pixels.

The best smartphone camera sensors currently measure 5.5 x 4.1 mm, while the sensor size for a standard DSLR or SLR camera is 23.6 x 15.6 Mm, less than half the size of a DSLR camera sensor.

Here we already quite understand the facts of smartphone cameras, where megapixels are not everything from a camera as a producer of the best photo quality.  ***

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