Get to know Hamas and the source of supplies for all the weapons it has

WorldTekhno.comFighting between Israeli troops and Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip continues. The latest data on casualties in the conflict reached more than 1,100 on the Israeli and Palestinian sides. In Israel, the death toll exceeded 700 people, including 260 music festival participants who died in southern Israel. The number of injured Israelis was 2,382 people. The number of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who died was 73 people.

Where do Palestine or Hamas get supplies of weapons for their war equipment to attack Israel?

Hamas is a Palestinian political and military organisation based in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is known for its rocket attacks against Israel, which have killed hundreds of people over the years.

Types of Hamas weapons

Hamas has a variety of weapons, including:

  • Rockets: Hamas has several types of rockets, ranging from short-range rockets that can reach Israeli territory to long-range rockets that can reach Tel Aviv. These Hamas rockets are either produced by Hamas or supplied by Iran.
  • Anti-tank missiles: Hamas has several anti-tank missiles that can be used to attack Israeli armoured vehicles. These missiles are either supplied by Iran or produced independently by Hamas.
  • Small arms: Hamas also has a variety of small arms, including rifles, pistols and grenades. These weapons are supplied by a variety of sources, including Iran, Libya and Syria.

How Hamas obtains weapons

Hamas obtains its weapons through a variety of means, including:

  • Donations from Iran: Iran is a major supporter of Hamas and has donated billions of dollars to the organisation. These donations include weapons, cash and training.
  • Infiltration from Gaza: Hamas also uses underground routes to smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza.
  • Infiltration from the sea: Hamas also uses ships to smuggle weapons from Iran to Gaza.
  • Own production: Hamas also produces some of its own weapons, such as rockets and rifles.
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The impact of Hamas weapons

Hamas rocket attacks have caused damage and casualties in Israel. In 2022, a Hamas rocket attack killed 12 people and injured hundreds in Israel.

Hamas rocket attacks have also caused international concern. Many countries have called on Hamas to stop its rocket attacks.***

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