Get These 5 Cool Games Immediately, Free…from Epic Games – Game lovers, there’s good news for you The good news comes from Epic Games, which routinely distributes free computer (PC) games every week to pamper loyal Epic Games Store app users. Over the next two weeks, from April 27 to May 11 specifically, five PC games will be distributed for free for users of the game distribution app to claim.

The distribution of the five free games will be divided into two stages, the first stage will be distributed from April 27 to May 4, 2023 and the next stage, i.e. the other three games, will be distributed from May 4 to May 11, 2023. In the first stage, one of the interesting games shared by Epic Games is a first-person simulation game titled Breathedge.

In this game, players will act as a character named “The Man,” whose mission is to take his father’s ashes to outer space so that they can be scattered there.

But along the way, the player will encounter various obstacles that interfere with his journey. Therefore, “The Man” must complete all these obstacles before he can complete his main mission.

In terms of gameplay, the game mechanism that will carry out this game is similar to another popular game titled Subnautica. However, Breathedge is claimed to be inserted with a number of humorous elements that make this game more unique.

Another interesting game shared by Epic Games is a game titled “Kao the Kangaroo”. This game is a 3D platformer that has similar gameplay to several popular games on the PlayStation console, two of which are Ratchet & Clank or Jak & Dexter.

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In this game, players will assume the role of a kangaroo named “Kao” who is on a mission to solve the puzzle of the mysterious loss of his father. To complete the puzzle, there must be obstacles, just like the games in general, namely, “Kao” must face and complete various paths full of obstacles and enemies.

To get these five free games, users can simply open the Epic Games Store app and type the title of the game. After that, they can claim these free games by pressing the “Get” button.

And the following is a list of PC games that Epic Games Store users can claim in the next two weeks, as summarized on, on Saturday (4/29/2023).

  1. Breathedge (April 27 – May 4, 2023) 2.
  2. Poker Club (April 27 – May 4, 2023)
  3. Against All Odds (May 4 – May 11, 2023)
  4. Horizon Chase Turbo (May 4 – May 11, 2023)
  5. Kao the Kangaroo (May 4 – 11, 2023)

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