This NASA discovery will amaze you about the conditions in outer space – Although NASA scientists are still investigating the number of planets in the Milky Way galaxy, NASA believes there are planets whose number is estimated at 100 billion.

The search for planets outside the solar system has been ongoing for the past several decades. Using data from exoplanet-hunting missions such as Kepler, Gaia and now James Webb, scientists can identify and confirm the existence of these planets.

Exoplanets are all planets orbiting stars outside our solar system. In a report from Space Explored, Friday (4/28), 5338 NASA-confirmed exoplanets with 4001 planetary system numbers have been found so far.

According to this data, on April 21, 2023, there is a potential for the discovery of 9,432 new planets, but this has not been confirmed. NASA classifies confirmed exoplanets into 5 subtypes: Neptune-like, Super Earth, Gas Giant, Terrestrial and unknown.

For the category of Neptune-like planets, NASA has confirmed that there are at least 1,830 planets. Their shape is similar to Uranus and Neptune in this solar system. This type is the most commonly found by researchers.

In the Super Earth category, 1,618 planets were found. This subtype is full of exotic planets that are not like the Milky Way. It is larger than Earth, but lighter than Neptune. The planet is predicted to have formed from gas, rock, or a combination of both.

In addition, there are 1,695 planets that are classified as gas giants. These planets belong to a class known to be similar to Jupiter or Saturn. In fourth place is Terrestrial with 190 planets.

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Exoplanets are all planets orbiting stars outside our solar system. In a report from Space Explored, Friday (4/28), so far, NASA has confirmed that 5338 exoplanets with 4001 planetary systems have been discovered.

The terrestrial planets are rocky in shape, with an iron-rich core, such as Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Finally, there are 5 planets whose categories are still unknown. So far, NASA continues to explore the possibilities of discovering new planets outside the solar system.***

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