Sophisticated..Honda Patented Anti-Fall Technology on This Motorcycle

WorldTekhno.comThe latest technology was born from a Japanese manufacturer, Honda. Honda’s latest news has just patented technology to prevent the motorbike from falling when driving at low speeds. With this technology, it is hoped that the motorbike can be more controlled when pushed to park or in the garage. Although this technology sounds normal, this technology can save motorbike owners from being hit by a motorbike while it is parked.

This technology has been embedded in the Honda Gold Wing, the biggest, heaviest and most sophisticated motorbike from Honda. Quoted from, Honda patented technology related to steering assistants. So the embedded anti-drop technology also uses the same components.

So there is a motor or servo that is attached to the Gold Wing’s front fork. This tool will automatically turn the handlebars. This servo also actually exists for several patents, such as lane-assistance and crash prevention. So the servo has many functions, it can be a steering damper and also like a booster to turn the handlebars.

With this technology, the driver is increasingly assisted when driving using this big motorbike.

For the latest patent, the servo was supplied with a tilt sensor. So when you push the motorbike, the handlebars automatically turn on their own, to prevent the motorbike from tilting too much which results in a fall. So, this new patent aims to make the motor easier to push without falling. Previously, the Gold WIng was equipped with a low speed maneuvering system and steering assist. ***

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