Rows of Heavy Equipment Products Made by PT. Pindad for Agricultural and Industrial Needs

WorldTekhno.comPindad Company is known by many as an Indonesian BUMN (State-Owned Enterprise) which is in charge of military equipment, such as combat vehicles, weapons, and ammunition. Thus, several products with the brands Anoa, Komodo, Maung,Harimau, and Excava were born.

In fact, Pindad has so far not only produced special products for military equipment. The company has two production sites, such as in Bandung, which produces weapons and special vehicles, and a factory in Turen which specializes in producing ammunition and commercial explosives.

Pindad, which is located in Bandung, in addition to producing weapons and special vehicles, also produces heavy equipment for agricultural and industrial needs.

Here are some examples of tools as support in the agricultural sector produced by PT. Pindad.

1.Four Whell Tractor ( PTM45 )

Is a double axle type tractor (4WD) with the main part of the engine as the driving motor, power transmission system and speed control, and four rubber wheels. Power transmission as a power provider through the pull bar (draw bar) and power take off (PTO) . ️

2. Harvest Tractor Power

As a tool for harvesting rice and corn that can be put directly into sacks. This tool is equipped with a permanent multi-commodity machine (Milticors combine harvester), and Crawlear wheels, and rubber wheels for dry land and wetland use. ️

3. Excavators

The excavator produced by Pindad has several variants; Excava55 which has agility with a small size with 48.3 HP power from a 4 cylinder diesel engine. This excavator is suitable for operating in narrow and limited areas. ️ And besides the Excava55, there are also Excava 200, Excava 200 Long ARM, and Excava 200 Amphibious variants.

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4. Crop Rota

It is used for cultivating the land, also chopping straw, corn residue, and chopping weeds so that they can be used as organic fertilizer for the soil. Another function of Rota Tanah is as a grain planter, soil treatment/fertilization, and liquid fertilizer application, and is equipped with a decomposer spray. ️

5. Telehandler

A tool to lift objects weighing up to 4 tons equipped with a strong telescopic. ️

6. Rice Dryer

The way this tool works is that the heat generated by the rice husk/bran furnace is exhaled using a blower machine and air circulation in the room is sucked out. Thus, newly harvested rice which has a humidity of 24-26% becomes a humidity level of 12%. before saving. This machine is supported by a drying room, tempering room, bucket elevator, motor drive, blower, and others. ️

7. Stungta X Pindad Incinerator

Products for handling waste, which do not produce smoke and harmful substances during the combustion process, with a room temperature of 800-1200°cc.


Generators and electric motors for the needs of the electricity industry used for power generation: Diesel Power Plant (PLTD), steam power (PLTU), hydropower (PLTA), geothermal (PLTP), wind power (PLTB), and mini hydro (MHPP). Generators ever made up to 5 MW.

9.Traction Motor

Electric machines to fulfill PT.INKA’s orders for the electricity needs of electric rail trains (KRL). Those are some of the agricultural products created by Pindad that can be used as land processing until the harvesting stage, and drying as the final stage. As additional information, this Indonesian state-owned company is also in charge of mining services, transportation infrastructure, and cyber security, in addition to producing military, industrial and agricultural equipment.***

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