Mada, The First Successful Supercar in Afghanistan

WorldTekhno – After controlling Afghanistan, the Taliban has now successfully showcased the prototype of the first domestically-assembled supercar. The supercar is named Mada 9, which is assembled using a Toyota Corolla engine and the name Mada itself is an inspiration from Australian wildlife.

As quoted from, on Friday (20/1/2023), the black supercar was assembled as a result of a collaboration between the Technical Vocational Institute of Afghanistan and a car design company called ENTOP. The appearance of the supercar with a sleek engine has become a global attraction.

Judging from the appearance of the Mada9 supercar, it is similar to the Lamborghini Aventador supercar. The Afghanistan-made supercar has a motorsport-inspired pushrod suspension and thin LED lights, and a frightening style.

What is certain is that a V12 engine like the one in Lamborghini does not exist in this supercar made in Afghanistan. With this sleek coupe, it is equipped with a simple 1.8-liter engine from a Toyota Corolla which is mounted in the middle of the car, which is used to drive the rear wheels of the car.

This combination can also be found on the Lotus Elise, and few enthusiasts would argue that the British light car is nothing more than a genius sports car.

Muhammad Raza Ahmadi as Chief Executive of ENTOP, through a YouTube video, stated that this hand-assembled prototype was called Mada 9. However, Ahmadi said that the name could still change, it was no longer the name Mada which was inspired by wildlife found in Australia by European explorers when he first set foot in Australia.

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“We meant to name this car ‘Black Swan’. You know, before the discovery of the continent of Australia, people only saw white swans. At that time, when people wanted to make examples of weird things, they called them ‘swans. black’ (black swan),” explained Ahmadi.

“Swans are white, but when the continent of Australia was discovered, people saw the opposite,” he added.

In the same way the wild fowl from Western Australia shocked European explorers, so Ahmadi hopes to change the way people see his country.

“Foreigners believe that all people in Afghanistan are poor and need humanitarian assistance to survive. In such a situation, the invention of this car can be seen as if a black swan has emerged from white swans,” he said.***



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