Iran’s Shahed 149 Gaza Drone Which Could Be a Threat to Israel

WorldTekhno.comThe Shahed 149 Gaza is an unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV) manufactured by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation (HESA) for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This drone was first launched in May 2021 and began operations in April 2022.

The name Shahed 149 Gaza comes from the name of the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory that has been under Israeli blockade since 2007. The name is seen as a way of showing solidarity with the Palestinians and honouring their struggle against Israel.

Shahed 149 Gaza was inaugurated just months after the end of the war in the Gaza Strip, which has been the scene of several Israeli-Palestinian wars and conflicts. In 202, Israel launched a massive attack on Gaza at that time, which resulted in the deaths of more than 2,000 Palestinians. This is why the name Gaza appears on the Shahed 149 drone, which is considered a symbol of Iran’s support for Palestine.

The Shahed 149 Gaza weighs 2 tonnes and has a wingspan of 20 metres. The drone can fly up to an altitude of 15,000 metres at a speed of 200 km/hour. The flight duration can reach 35 hours.

Shahed 149 Gaza has a variety of sensors, including radar, infrared cameras and optical cameras. This drone can also carry various types of weapons, including bombs and missiles.

Iran claims that the Shahed 149 Gaza can be used for a variety of missions, including reconnaissance, strikes and air support. This drone can be used to target targets on land, at sea and in the air.

Shahed 149 Gaza is a powerful weapon that can be used to attack Israel. The drone has a range of 2,000 kilometres, which means it can be used to attack targets anywhere in Israel. The drone is also capable of carrying a variety of weapons, including bombs, missiles and machine guns.

The following are the technical specifications of the Shahed 149 Gaza:

○ Weight: 2 tonnes
○ Wingspan: 20 metres
○ Flying altitude: 15,000 metres
○ Speed: 200 kilometres per hour
○ Flight duration: 35 hours

○ Infrared camera
○ Optical camera


It is unclear whether Iran will actually use the drones to attack Israel and help Hamas.***

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