Indo Defense 2022 First Appearance, Indonesian Fighter Aircraft, I-22 Sikatan

WorldTekhno.comAppearing for the first time at the Indo Defence 2022 event, the I-22 Sikatan fighter aircraft Indonesia showed was apparently not made for the TNI AU.

The I-22 Sikatan fighter, which is being developed by Indonesian company Infoglobal, is attracting attention from many quarters, including Japan.

The I-22 Sikatan is a 4.5-generation Indonesian multirole combat aircraft developed by PT. Infoglobal’s universal technology. This aircraft was first showcased at the Indonesia Defence Forum and Exhibition 2022 (IPDEX).

The I-22 Sikatan has compact dimensions with a length of 12.5 metres, a wingspan of 7 metres and a height of 3.5 metres. This aircraft was deliberately designed to be small because it was designed as a tactical fighter and could not be used for long-range patrols.

The aircraft is powered by two General Electric F404-GE-102D turbofan engines capable of producing 9,000 lbf (40 kN) of thrust each. The I-22 Sikatan has a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 and a range of 1,000 km.

The I-22 Sikatan is equipped with modern avionics, including AESA radar, fire control and warning systems and data communication systems. The aircraft can also carry a wide variety of weapons, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles and bombs.

The following are the technical specifications of the I-22 Sikatan:

○ Length: 12.5 metres
○ Wingspan: 7 metres
○ Height: 3.5 metres
○ Unladen weight: 8,000 kg
○ Maximum weight: 15.000 kg
○ 2 x General Electric F404-GE-102D
Thrust: 9000 lbf (40 kN) each
Maximum speed: Mach 2.2
Range: 1,000 kilometres
○ AESA radar
○ Fire warning and control system.
○ Data communication system.
○ Air-to-air missile
○ Air-to-surface missile
○ Bomb

Development of the I-22 Sikatan is still in the early stages. PT. Infoglobal Teknologi Semesta aims for the aircraft to make its first flight in 2027 and enter operational service in 2030.

It is expected that this aircraft can strengthen Indonesia’s air defence and become the backbone of the Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia (AU RI) in the future.***

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