China Ready to Fight Starlink with GW Satellite

World – Researchers say China plans to build a very large satellite network called GW, the purpose of which is to fight Starlink.

According to a research team led by Professor Xu Can of Beijing Space Engineering University, China, the GW satellite network will have 12,992 satellites belonging to the China Satellite Network Group and will orbit close to Earth.

According to the latest reports, this satellite network is used to suppress Elon Musk’s Starlink network and also has “anti-Starlink” missions, such as spying on Starlink satellites, as quoted by Techspot’s detikINET on Sunday (2/26/2023).

Starlink currently has 3,000 satellites orbiting at “low Earth” altitude. SpaceX plans to fly more than 12,000 satellites by 2027, and then it will reach 40,000.

However, it is not yet known when GW will start launching these satellites. But in Xu and his team’s report, they believed that the satellite will be launched before Starlink completes its satellite network.

They also believe that the GW satellite can be placed in an orbit that has not been reached by Starlink, so they may be superior in terms of orbit altitude and may even suppress Starlink.

There is also Ren Yuanzhen, a researcher at the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications, who in 2022 said that China must have a method to destroy the Starlink satellite. The reason, according to him, Starlink can be applied for military purposes, including increasing the speed of data transmission to drones and stealth aircraft.

Ren also claims that such satellites can provide Internet connectivity to troops on the battlefield, destroy important targets using ion thrusters or carry military payloads.

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Starlink satellites are even said to have the potential to destroy targets using their maneuverability. So much so that China is said to be manufacturing new radar technology that can monitor and identify Starlink satellites.***

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