10 Tv Brands With Sophisticated Technology That Are Included In The “Best Seller” On Amazon Market Place

Television is one of the electronic products that is certainly available in every home of any citizen of the world. Because with the TV we can gather with family, after a day of work. Besides that, TV is also a place of entertainment, in addition to watching at the cinema, because the function of the cinema is fully available in a tv.

In this digital era, television has grown rapidly, because today’s TV has started to switch from analog tv to digital tv, and it’s become that tv manufacturers have developed a lot of sophisticated digital tv. One of the sophistication of digital tv, now it is supported with an internet network, so you can enjoy movies on YouTube.

In every country, of course, there are several digital tv brands that are excellent for every consumer, so that these brands can dominate the market in that country, even abroad, so that they become best sellers at one time.

The following is a list of 10 tvs from various brands that are best sellers, in terms of sales at one of the _amazon online stores.

1.Insignia NS-32F201NA22 32″

This tv is designed for use in the United States, for power outlets and voltages are not international standards, so use outside the United States, may require adapters, and converters.

Here are brief specifications of the tv Insignia NS-32F201NA22 32 “:


• Screen size : 32 inchi

• Brand: Insignia

• Display : LED

• Refresh rate : 720p 60Hz

• Feature : Flate

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• Connectivity : Wifi

• Product Dimension : 6.7 x 19.03 x 28.74 inchi.

TV sales have reached 2,406 products sold when the article was released.

2.Pioneer PN50951-22U


• Screen size : 50 inchi

• Brand : Pioneer

• Display : LED

• Resolusi : 4K

• Connectivity : Wifi

• Dimension : 44.3 x 3.5 x 26 inchi

3. Insignia NS-50F301NA22


• Screen size : 50 inchi

• Internet service support : Netflix,Hulu,amazon instan video,youtube

• Resolusion : 4K

• Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth

• Screen Type : LED, LCD

4. Insignia NS-43F301NA22

• Screen size : 43 inchi

• Screen type : LED/ Flate

• Resolution: 4K

• Refresh rate : 60Hz

• Internet support : Youtube,Netflix, Hulu, Video instan amazon

• Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth

5. Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

• Screen size : 31.5 inchi

• Screen type : LED/Flate

• Resolution : 720p/ 60Hz

• Connectivity : Wifi,Ethernet

• Internet support : Netflix,Video instan amazon,pandora,Hulu plus.

6. TCL 32S335

• Screen size: 32 inchi

• Screen type : LED

• Resolution : 720p/70Hz

• Connectivity : HDMI

• Internet support : Netflix,Skype,Youtube Spotify,Hulu Video instan amazon

• Feature : Advanced digital,Tv tuner with live tv,amazon,alexa,google assistant.

Easy Voice Control works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant; Advanced Digital TV Tuner with Live.

7. Amazon Omni Series

Fitur & Detail

• This bundle includes Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series, Sanus Universal Tilting Wall Mount, and Mission Cables Red Remote Cover

• Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Smart TV and other 32-55 inch TVs.

• Can reduce screen glare at the touch of a finger by tilting up 5 degrees and tilting down 10 degrees.

• Low profile design holds the TV only 2″ from the wall, and a quick release mechanism makes accessing cables easy.

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8. Insignia NS-24DF310NA21


• Screen size : 24 inchi

• Screen type : LED/ Flate

• Resolution : 720p/60Hz

• Connectivity : Wifi

9. TCL 40S325


• Screen size : 40 inchi

• Screen type : LED/Flate

• Resolution : 1080p/60Hz

• Connectivity : Wifi

• Internet support : Roku Tv

10. TCL 55S455


• Screen size : 55 inchi

• Screen type : LED/Flate

• Resolution : 4K/60 Hz

• Connectivity : Wifi,USB,RF,Ethernet,HDMI.

For the order of tv sales that are included in the “Best Seller” amazon version until this article is released, then it is still dominated by the Samsung, Hisense, LG, and several other brands. And it is likely that the sales ranking position will change in the future.* **

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