This is the reason the United States bought aircraft from Indonesia, CN235…

WorldTekhno.comIn fact, the CN235 aircraft cannot be underestimated, because not only Indonesia uses this aircraft, but Spain, Senegal, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia and Turkey also use this Indonesian-made CN235 aircraft.

Indonesia is striving to build an aircraft industry, which has succeeded in manufacturing aircraft and one of them is the CN235.

Indonesia and Spain are CN235 manufacturers with a world-class supply chain, so the quality is beyond doubt. The advantage of CN235 is that it is reliable in all weather conditions.

As for the maritime patrol option, the C235 has an MPA version that is in demand, even Turkey, which has purchased this aircraft, has modified the CN235 to the Meltem II version, which is the most advanced CN235 version at this time. for spying on opponents.

Even a country of China’s class recognized the superiority of this Indonesian-made CN235 aircraft.

China admits that the price is quite economical and the various variants make it in high demand in the market.

“The selling price is 11 million US dollars, which is not a modern price, and the price should be more expensive now, then what is the CN-235 transport aircraft? This transport aircraft is suitable for short-haul transport,” explained the Chinese. media, Sohu some time ago.

What surprised China the most was that a big country like the United States would even buy this made in Indonesia.

“The United States is a superpower. It is hard to imagine that the United States will also buy transport aircraft. You can see that the CN235 transport aircraft still has its own advantages.

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Otherwise, the U.S. will not buy it,” he explained.

China explained that the CN235 has been able to captivate the hearts of many countries. The CN235 transport aircraft does not know how it has won the hearts of more countries, including the United States,” he said.

Very proud of the charm of the Indonesian-made CN235 aircraft in the world, which has been able to compete in the world in the aviation industry.***

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