Goodbye Microsoft, Is This The Best?

Microsoft Office was first released 32 years ago, in 1990 to be exact. In its development, Microsoft has made changes many times, adjusting to user needs. Slowly but surely, Microsoft Office is able to dominate office software until now.

In the coming months,, the mobile-based Office applications and the Office for Windows applications will be renamed, and of course with new icons, new looks, and even more features, to become Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft announced that its productivity support software Microsoft Office will be retiring, after more than 30 years of operation. Instead, Microsoft Office will change its name to Microsoft 365.

Will after changing the name, services in Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel will also disappear?.

Due to the rebranding, Microsoft 365 is similar to Microsoft Office, but has a number of differences. For example, in terms of price.

Microsoft said that Microsoft Word, and others will not be eliminated. The productivity platform will be included as part of Microsoft 365. So, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, can still be accessed as usual.

As is known, Microsoft Office services have a “one-time purchase” subscription scheme, where users only need to buy the latest version of the software once. While Microsoft 365 can later be had with a monthly subscription scheme.

Microsoft 365 will begin rolling out to users in November, starting with
Then, changes to Office applications for Windows and mobile will be present in January 2023.
Microsoft said the changes will apply to all Office users, whether personal, school or business.

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Microsoft is still offering a one-time purchase plan for Word, Outlook, and Excel applications for Office 2021 and Office LTSC users.

Meanwhile, Microsoft 365 will come with a series of new features. This software will be the hub for all user files across Microsoft 365 products, such as Word and PowerPoint.

Users are also expected to be able to access files shared in meetings more easily and quickly. In addition, Microsoft has also added a feed menu in the Microsoft 365 application that allows users to view meeting agendas or news from other users they follow on social media.

According to a Microsoft representative, the new Microsoft 365 Apps are one part of our larger strategy and focus as a company, and reflect the innovations we’ve been working on to deliver work and life that continues to thrive.***

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